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Youth Members

The Northwest Indiana Chapter of Waterfowl U.S.A. realizes that the youth of today will be our leaders of tomorrow. With this in mind, we are working diligently to educate our youth in sound conservation practices. Today's youth needs to be taught and understand that while our waterfowl resource is a renewable resource, our wetlands are a resource that must be protected.

Getting the youth involved in our program and teaching the youth the importance of wetlands, nesting structures, and etc is our task. When the youth join our organization, they become an important asset to us.

Youth Education Program

2014 Youth Hunt Full Screen Picture

Youth’s Waterfowl Hunt Article

Click Here to read their story.

Deer Hunting is also available to the “Youth Members of the Northwest Indiana Chapter". All of our Youth Members will be placed in a special drawing for Deer Hunt at the Jerry Allen Marsh  located in Boone Grove, Indiana. This deer hunt opportunity is another benefit for our youth members, where they will be given a chance to enjoy a outdoor setting on a 78 acre farm.

     A drawing for this hunt will be held at the Annual Fun Shoot in August at the Oakwood Gun Club. Visit our Events Page for detailed information about the shoot.

   If you would like more information about this hunt, please contact Don Roberts at (219) 322-1545 or Paul Mazerik  (219) 644-8409

Youth Deer Hunts

Membership Details

Youth Membership Only ………………………………..…..$25.00

Membership Packages Includes The Following:

•  1 year Youth Membership to the Northwest Indiana Chapter of Waterfowl U.S.A.

•  1 entry in the special Youth Hunt Drawing, for waterfowl hunting at the Jerry Allen Marsh, Located in Boone Grove, Indiana

•  1 entry in the Youth Deer Hunt at the Don & Mary Roberts Wildlife Area located in Starke County, Indiana

Youth Membership

    The Northwest Indiana Chapter is proud to announce our "Expand Our Youth" program. We strongly encourage the youth in our area to get involved with our organization and our conservation activities. To encourage their involvement, we are offering a special youth waterfowl hunt at the Jerry Allen Waterfowl Management Unit.

     This special hunt is available only to the “Youth Members of the Northwest Indiana Chapter". Youth members are mailed a postcard by the chapter in September instructing them to contact the chapter if  they are interested in participating.

    During the 2013 waterfowl season, the Northwest Indiana Chapter of Waterfowl U.S.A. Provided hunting opportunities to all chapter’s youth members. Avery Blake, Connor Burke and Carter Welsch were chosen for the hunt. Avery and Carter wrote a article about their hunt . If you would like to read the article they submitted to us, click on the link below the picture.

Youth Waterfowl Hunts

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